Storing Items the Smart Way

  • Tips For Organizing Furniture And Accessories In Your Storage Unit

    16 October 2019

    There comes a point where most everyone is going to need self-storage. If you're staring down your first storage unit rental for furniture and other large items, it's important that you know how to organize the space in a stable and secure manner. Just shoving furniture in is going to leave you with an unstable, disorganized mess in the storage unit. That's likely to end with broken furniture and other belongings.

  • Checklist For Keeping Household Items In Storage

    27 September 2019

    If you want to keep your household belongings in self-storage units—say when moving briefly overseas—you should plan the storage properly. The planning will help you keep your things safe for the duration of the storage. Below is a checklist of things you should do for efficient storage. What to Store The amount of storage space you need determines your storage charges. Thus, it makes sense to store only the items you require and value.

  • Securing Your Property When Using Office Suite Rentals

    15 May 2019

    Office suite rentals are a great way to complete work while on the go. Rather than having to lease an office long term, you can lease an office for a day, a week, or even a month. As you travel, you may find yourself making a great deal of use out of rented office space. However, you need to be careful about security, especially if you work with confidential or personally identifiable information.